Removal of your oil tank must be done safely and properly. Oil tanks come in different sizes and some are buried underground or in a basement. Removing a tank requires safely draining and disposal of the oil, dismantling and disposing of the tank. Some tanks require careful excavation and coordination with local Utility companies. Oil Tank Removal requires expertise and knowledge to avoid any environmental hazards.

Hurricane Plumbing, Heating & Drains serves Montclair, Bloomfield, Verona, Glenn Ridge, Maplewood residents with expert and affordable oil tank removal.

Tank Removal Includes:

  • Prepare all necessary documents for the permit & hand deliver
  • Obtain mark outs from utility companies
  • Excavate the area to expose the tank
  • Cut open the tank, remove the contents, and clean the tank
  • Remove the tank and inspect for holes or any signs of corrosion
  • Fill the space with certified clean fill

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