Basement Waterproofing

Wet Basements are a Serious Problem.

Although it might just seem like a annoyance, the reality of unwanted moisture or water can render your basement partly to totally unusable, it will cost you money, and harm and diminish the value of your home. If you detect signs of leakage on the walls or floor, you’re only seeing a very small part of a much bigger problem. When your walls or floor are wet on the inside, they are also wet all the way through to the outside of the foundation.

Hidden from view, heavy wet soil may be pressing against the basement due to hydrostatic pressure and capillary action. left untreated, the leakage can dissolve and erode water-soluble ingredients out of your concrete. At this point, with chemicals and minerals leaching out of it, the concrete becomes even more porous and your problem can become progressively worse.

Do You Have Any of These Basement Issues:

  • Water seepage through your basement walls?
  • Water coming up through the floor or coming through the join between the floor and the wall?
  • Water damaging your appliances?
  • Wood rot?

Our Waterproofing Services

Hurricane provides waterproofing products and solutions for homeowners and building contractors. We work on new as well as existing foundations and basements. We do not have one way to fix everyone’s problems as everyone’s situation is different. We custom design a waterproofing system for your particular need. There is no one solution for all problems.

Basements are supposed to be damp – aren’t they? The answer is “NO” and we can help!

  • Install internal & external drainage systems.
  • Install curtain & surface drains.
  • Stabilize block foundation walls that are fractured and bowed
    Install sump pumps and basins.
  • Grade/Regrade (so as to create positive drainage away from the foundation)
  • Seal cracks in foundations by injecting with urethane or epoxy. 
  • Bond structural cracks with bonding epoxy.
  • Seal chimneys to prevent water absorption.
  • Seal brick veneer, block walls, split face blocks.
  • Repoint masonry.
  • Remove or replace paver and concrete patios.
  • Repair, rebuild or replace foundations.
  • Move earth using Bobcat excavator and skid loader work.
  • Excavate and site prep for small additions.

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