Building the blocks of warmth.

By Hurricane January 10, 2023

Installing a boiler is like putting together a really complicated lego set, but instead of colorful plastic bricks, you get to work with giant metal monsters that heat your home. And instead of a cute little lego figure to play with, you get to play with fire... literally.

When it comes to boiler installation, it's important to find the right contractor, the one who will install the boiler the way you want it. So, if you want your boiler to be a gas boiler, he'll gas it up, if you want it to be an oil boiler, he'll oil it up. And if you want it to be electric, well, good luck with that one.

Once the installation is complete, your contractor will perform a series of tests to make sure the boiler is functioning properly. And that's when the real fun begins, like trying to figure out how to operate the boiler without burning the house down. But don't worry, the contractor will show you the ropes and give you a manual, so you'll be a pro in no time! Just don't forget to regularly maintain your boiler or it might develop a mind of its own and start heating your garage instead of your living room. Trust me, it's not a fun surprise.

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